Compare Go Mini's to PODS and other competitors

Designed with YOU in mind, for a better experience:

More Space

Go Mini's largest container has 29% more cubic feet than the largest container that PODS offers, which equates to 235 more cubic feet. You could pack 6 love seats into that space! More realistically, you could fit another room of furniture into 29% more space. Go Mini's offers a 20ft. unit vs. PODS, which does not. Most of our customers require only a single 20ft. unit to move their home. In some cases you would need to rent two PODS containers to move the same amount of valuables that you could move in just one Go Mini's container. That could mean several hundred dollars in extra rental, storage, and delivery fees. We do have 16ft. and 12ft. containers, but even those units contain more cubic space than the PODS 12ft. and 16ft. versions. Based on internal container dimensions, a 16ft. container from Go Mini's offers 31 more cubic feet than a PODS 16ft container, and our 12ft. container offers 17 more cubic feet than a PODS 12ft. container. Some Go Mini's locations offer 8ft. containers, while some PODS locations offer a smaller 7ft. container.

More Savings

You can take advantage of the Go Mini's savings by renting our large 20ft. container as opposed to renting multiple PODS containers to a comparable amount of space. Not only will you save on rental, storage, and delivery fees per cubic foot, in some instances, you are paying less per cubic foot when you rent a 20ft. Go Mini's container vs. a PODS 16ft. container, which is the largest size they offer. In addition, many Go Mini's locations will allow you to rent their containers on a weekly basis, as opposed to renting for a full month.

Padded Wheels

Our delivery system includes padded wheels that allow us to smoothly roll the Go Mini's container onto your driveway with soft contact. Our delivery system requires only 6 inches on each side of the container, for a total of 9ft. in width. This allows us to place a container just a few inches from the edge of your driveway or just a few inches from a second container. The PODS delivery system requires 2 feet on each side of the container for a total of 12ft. in width.

More Tie-Down Points

Go Mini's 16ft. containers offer 25% more tie-down points than the comparable 16ft. containers rented by PODS. More tie-down points in a container increase your opportunity to make your valuables more roadworthy. Your container must be treated just as if you were loading a truck. Regardless of which container you use, it is important to know that a special lift system is not enough. You must prepare your contents for riding on the open road, going up and down exit ramps, and surviving stop-and-go traffic. Rest assured, if you pack your container like you would a truck, your contents will be just as safe on the open road as a truck. More tie-down points throughout the Go Mini's container help secure your valuables.

Local & Non-Corp Owned

Go Mini's Franchise and Dealer locations are all owned by a local or regional entity, and are not fully or partially owned corporately. We believe that you should experience the accountability and oversight that a non-corporate owned business can bring.  Corporate-owned companies can bring great service, but with a company like Go Mini's, you can rest assured that you can talk to a local decision maker when you need special attention.

Smooth Interior

None of the Go Mini's containers have porous treated lumber walls or support beams. Lumber materials run a higher risk of splintering or holding odor than smooth, powder-coated steel. Some competitors' containers have walls and or support beams made from wood. In comparison, the walls and support beams in all Go Mini's containers are made of smooth, powder-coated steel that is designed to greatly minimize odor, mold and mildew when household goods rest up against them over a period of time.